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On this mediawiki you are able to view and edit the following TransforMap components in its early beginning. It is called TransformapS to stress the fact that there are many many maps that are showing the transformation. There are three components on this wiki:

As every wiki, this one lives from your small contributions. We're currently updating data on long not edited entries, you're welcome to join the effort!

Don't hesitate to ask questions on any page.
Use the "Discussion" link above the page title to do so.

Be aware that we moderate your first few edits in order to fight spam :)

Background about TransforMap:

TransforMap works towards an online-platform for you to visualize the myriads of alternatives to the dominant economic thinking on a single mapping system. It will give everybody the opportunity to map all the initiatives, communities, projects, worker-owned, self-managed, democratically organised companies and other institutions dedicated to meeting people's needs, serving the common good and/or contributing to a sustainable way of life. Want to learn more? Check that page.